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Wise Owls provides outstanding Day Nursery care for 8 weeks to 5 years old

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Little Owls

Age: Little Owls accepts children from 2 to 3 years old.

Hours: Nursery care is from 7.00am until 6.00pm.

Days: From Monday to Friday 51 weeks per year.

Please provide: Nappies and anything required to clean your child, bottles if your child requires bottles.

Q When can I register my child? A As soon as you like then please call to arrange a viewing of our school first before making your booking on line.

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Little Owls room provides many exciting and fun activities for the children who are aged between 18 months-2 years. The ratio in this room is one adult to every four children. This room can take 12 children and 3 members of staff are assigned to the room.

The staff have a very busy routine with many free flow sessions, group times, art and craft, sensory and physical activities. The staff plan activities to ensure that the children in their care are stimulated throughout the day.

Group times take place where a story, singing or music time with the children are encouraged. The activities they take part in are designed to develop many skills including turn taking and social skills which the staff can monitor but emphasis is always on fun rather than testing. We ensure the children get out in all weathers so please bear this in mind and be prepared when getting dressed for nursery. Staff record children's activities and outings and these can be shared with parents via the child's learning Journal.

Mealtimes are a social occasion and children sit together at the tables and are encouraged to become slightly more independent, but the staff are always on hand to help and encourage good manners. The older children in the room self-serve their own lunches which sets good standards for the younger children. The younger children are encouraged to feed themselves with staff support.

Sleep time is after lunch and again the children will have their own mattresses, sheets and blankets. If a child does not require a sleep, they may take part in a quiet activity or go into Snowy Owls to join in with their fun.

There is a bathroom just down the hall attached to the Preschool room which Little Owls can access, this has two children sized toilets and sinks as well as a changing unit. There is also a selection of potties for those who are toilet training and staff always work closely with the parents to achieve this stage of development. Lots of encouragement is given with stars and certificates. Children that are showing an awareness of their toileting needs can be potty trained from 18 months old and we actively encourage this as we feel it is best for the child and environment.

Staff provide lots of verbal feedback at the end of the day to discuss your child's progress throughout the day. We like to build a good relationship with all the parents. The staff have a very busy and exciting routine which works wells within the room. This helps to prepare the children physically, emotionally and mentally to transition into Snowy Owls which takes place at around 3 years old, children will begin to transition to the room from 2 years old, this enables them to familiarise themselves with the room routines and staff before fully joining Snowy Owls.

The room is nice and airy with a homely feel, the children can adventure in every area of the room. We have a busy time outside in the large garden which includes an allotment where the children can grow their own healthy foods. We work closely with all children to ensure they meet their individual needs by exploring the seven areas of learning, this is supported by the use of age appropriate toys and activities to suit their stage of development and abilities.

We accept 15 hour funding if your child attends 3 half days or 2 full days. We will allocate all 15 hours towards this cost and you would pay the difference each month.